What is Freelancer – Pros Involved

what-is-freelancer-pros-involvedAny individual who provides his services to more than one client at a time and works as per his own schedule is known as a freelancer. Freelancers are not employed by an organization. They are basically self-employed people who are their own boss. Freelancing gives a person an opportunity to be flexible in terms of working hours and days. These people are not bound by one corporate company. It is more like a contractual job. The projects assigned to freelancers by other individuals or companies can be different in terms of money involved, working hours required, project time lines etc. From a freelancer’s perspective, there are many benefits. Let us have a quick look at the pros:

  • You can be your own boss. You don’t have to wait for approvals from someone. You can take your own decisions.
  • There is no strict timing when it comes to freelancing. You do not have to be working for 8 hours every day. You can schedule your work and complete your project. Then you are free to scout for more clients.
  • You are not stuck with clients. If you like working with a client, you can work again or else you can simply choose to not work with the client again.
  • The level of satisfaction is more in this case as you are self-employed and you exactly know how much you will earn.
  • As you are self-employed, you can negotiate better. It is the only way through which you can actually tell the client that you don’t want to work for them.

As every coin has got two sides, being a freelancer has its own set of challenges. However, the benefits are much more and the professional satisfaction level is paramount in being a freelancer. This is the future of the business and it is expected to grow by 2020.